Spays the Way—Help Us Pay

We don’t do this often—in fact, we’ve never done it before—but we could use a little help from our friends to foot the bill of our unofficial and unexpected animal rescue.

We’re all about sustainability here at Mayani Farms, and if you’re like us, that word evokes images of clean energy, smart farming practices and always making sure the system is balanced and, well, self-sustaining.

But we were blindsided when we realized we had to apply these principles to a completely unexpected part of our life here in Puerto Rico: abandoned dogs and cats.

Sekou, Robert (Spike), Smurf and Momma

Sekou, Robert (Spike), Smurf and Momma

That’s right—our farm has been a hub for abandoned animals since before we had even officially moved in.

What’s this got to do with sustainability, you ask? Population growth, that’s what. For every animal—young, old, sick or starving—left on our farm, we are faced with the challenge of not only attending to his or her various health needs, whether acute or chronic (we’re not heartless, you know), but also stopping the cycle in its tracks with spaying and neutering.

It’s pretty basic math: with a gestation of 66 days for cats and 63 days for dogs and litter sizes averaging out at about six, two cats (or dogs) can turn into 24 within a year—and that’s not even counting second generation offspring (they grow up fast!). Why spay and neuter

If we didn’t stop to take responsibility for these animals when no one else is, we’d simply be contributing to the problem. We’d only see an increase in the amount of abandoned animals crossing our threshold and, unfortunately, of the suffering of animals that we see in the area, like beautiful Héctor [click here to meet him].

This has been an ongoing battle for the since we moved in on New Year's Eve 2009.

In the meantime, please consider using the PayPal link below to contribute to the medical bills of these abandoned animals. We spend $1,000s when we take on the "problems" other people have dumped on us—and we know you'd do the same rather than turn the animals away. Your contributions are much appreciated.