Thank You for Sponsoring Us

We would like to thank all those who've donated to Operation Rebuild Mayani Farms. Without your generous donations, we wouldn't be able rebuild our farm. We are truly humbled!

Marsha Jackson and husband John
Brandy Miller
Danielle Guercio
Michelle Hayden Smith and her husband
Thomas Moeller and Heather Rolland
Dianna Thompson
Parth Mehta
Carolyn Briggs and her wife Becky
Minh Thu Vu Campbell
Kim Georgescu
Maya Washington
Edie Weinstein
Misty Aoudia
Electric Cow
Frankie and Bryony Sutherland
Sherry Roberts
Marion Rosenfeld
Steph Bader and her wife Cathy
Peggy Colombo
Melanie Allen
Patrice Brown
Cynthia Gooch
Stuart and Ginny Liddle
Rebekah Henderson
Jeanne Black
Joanna Robson
Cynthia Sass
Bob Bader
James and Melanie Abella
Delia Douglas
Danielle Corcione
Zulema Garraffo
Jessica Gill
Scott and Pam Ireland
New Media Design
Virginia Keith
Vanessa and Aimee-Jo Davis Varela
Suzanne Borget
Elizabeth Pace
Wendy K. Bellows
Calvin Sov
Simon and Tina Price-Johnson
Diana Aycock
Yolanda Urena
Michael Briggs, esq.
Nicole Groleau
Jon and Lisa Rosenberg
Jonathan Vall
Kendal Patterson
Karla Smith
Karen Creighton
Andrea Wright
Rob and Mary Ellen Ellis
Kyra Johnson
Maria Salvador and John Wittek
Robert Guerra and Katharine Garrison
Chandresh and Pooja Travedi
The Arey family (Jim, Karen, Jo Jo and Dave)
K.C. Dermody
Marcel Parrilla
Barbara Chandler
Alexander and Camille Barnett
Calmer Consultings
Phillip Kline
Lori Shannon
Katherine Chamberlin
Melina Stasiuk
Charitable Film Network
Don and Penny Wessenauer
Marco and Angela Sillus
Karen Howell
Alec MacLeod and LaVera Crawley
Steven Reed and George Addison
Lynn Paul
Wilfred Morales
Tony and Elaine Fulmer
April Keeler
David Dillard
Jeff Ferreira and Lori Calleran
James "Jamie" Daly and Mina Stanard
Timothy and Jamie Frayer
Jason and Shannon O'Brien
Nancy Wride
Timothy and Kathy Penrod
Mark and Miranda Johnson-Haddad
Greg and Jennifer Bunn
Simon and Tina Price-Johnson