What Is Organic Farming and Why Should it Be Important to You?

Many people choose to buy organic products in order to keep themselves and their families healthy. However, what many lovers of organic food may not realize is that organic farming may be even more important for the health of agricultural land and the general environment. Organic farming is not just about eliminating pesticides so that…
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Héctor’s Gonna do What Héctor’s Gonna do!

Twice daily we go hiking. Although many might assume because we work for ourselves that we don’t keep to a schedule, we are actually ruled by routine. Our day always starts out the same. The three roosters remind us why we no longer need an alarm clock. The time varies but they generally start the…
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From Corporate Life to Farmers

  From the Burbs to Owning Goats In June 2012 we bought two goats – sisters – from a man named Sadhu who owns Govardhan Gardens here on Puerto Rico. They were 6 months old at the time and they came with names, Amani and Mayani. Just two months later we bought Ravi, who was…
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