Thank You to Our Generous Donors

We would like to thank our generous donors who've helped us offset the tremendous costs associated with raising the many dogs and cats who've been dropped off to our farm over the years.

Lori Colleran of Colorado

Zulema Garraffo of Virginia

Gary and Denise Globe of California

Frankie and Bryony Sutherland of England

William and Kathy Hager of Maryland

Jennifer Williams of Minnesota

Diane Deyoe of Arizona

Denise Lynch of Maryland

Steph Bader of Arizona

and a special thank you to Tina Lopez of Puerto Rico for her time, medical help, being our dog, cat, goat, chicken and duck sitter when we need a date and for all she does to help the stray dogs and cats of Puerto Rico.

We'd also like to thank Dr. Hector Robin Perez of Santa Lucia Veterinarios Servicios (SVSL). Along with being an exceptional vet, it's obvious that he and his staff love animals and love what they do.